12 Head Flare Machine

Model number: IL-12HFLAREMC


1. Description: 

This machine is complete with 12 heads on the periphery of round turn table for flaring and cutting the glass tube.

2. Standard: 

2-1 12 Heads with rotary barrel cam indexing type machine.

2-2 Index time = 1,600~1,800pcs/ hr

3. Operator: One Man 

4. Function: 

4-1 Glass tube is to be manually feeded by operator.

4-2 Glass tube are heated by gas burner and automatically flared.

4-3 Flared tube is to be automatically cut in accordance with required length.

4-4 Automatic feed oil to every head.

4-5 Flaring and cutting for H2.

5. Power: 

5-1 Main motor: 220/380v  50hz or 60hz 1/2hp

5-2 Reamer motor: 220/380v  50hz or 60hz 1/4hp

5-3 Spin motor: 220/380v  50hz or 60hz 1/2hp